Prices are for kits which include the use of the mold in class or for one month with a refundable deposit, base/rim/lid, spokes and weavers.
Molds also sold separately
All wood parts are available in Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Maple
Nesting Nantuckets  
molds sold separately
Price for Kits:
small - 3.5 inch mold      $40.00     
med. - 5 inch mold         $46.00
large - 6.5 inch mold      $54.00
super- 9.5 inch mold      $64.00

this lovely set nests one inside the other. Your choice of walnut, oak, cherry or maple wood. Woven with cane.
Pattern provided with different choices of weaving pattern explained.
Nantucket Purse
You will be proud to carry this everywhere and be prepared for LOTS of compliments.

Kit price includes the use of the *puzzle mold* base/rim/hinged lid in your choice of wood, leather handle, spokes and weavers and pattern with design choices.

Nantucket Lamp  
Includes the wood base, top cane spokes and weavers, and all the wiring necessary for a working lamp and pattern.

Nantucket Style Wastebasket
9.5" diameter and 12" tall
Kit includes the wood base, rim, dyed spokes, cane weavers and instructions for different patterns of weaving. 

6.5" Lidded Twill
Includes the wood base, rim, lid, dyed spokes, cane weavers and pattern.

4" Mold basket
Includes wood base, rim, spokes, dyed cane weavers and pattern.
Little What Not 
on a 4" mold
Includes wood base, rim, lid, spokes, two colors of dyed cane weavers and pattern.

(molds can be rented or purchased)

Oval Bowl   9.5" x 7.5" (no lid)      $46.00 kit price

Also available is a matching 9.5" round bowl $56.00 kit price without pedestal
$66.00 with pedestal