Eau Claire, WI

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Eau Claire classes are held at:

 The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
1120 Cedar Street, Eau Claire, WI
5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and bring a snack to share.
Pay registration by using buttons below or mail a check to:
Shirley Mount, 20965 350th St., Gilman, WI 54433

February 2nd, 2018

I will be posting this basket done in the Valentine (red & pinks) color asap
April 6th, 2018
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Josephine Knot
First time weaver! Good Job!
This adorable basket can serve as a Valentine basket done in a variegated red/pink reed. Top basket is woven in Spring colors and has an Easter look. This begins with an oval oak base and topped off with a beautiful hand carved swing handle. Or, a fun handle to match the pink theme.

all levels of weaving experience
measures: 8"x7"x7.5" tall
cost of class $29.00

how many kits
No March class, please come to the Wisconsin Weave Away!
Josephine Knot is a beautiful method of beginning a ribbed basket.

I will have the knots started before class, unless you specify otherwise. The sizes will vary, but you can get an idea in the second picture of someone holding theirs as they worked on it. You may not finish this in class, but what will be left is weaving across the bottom until the two sides meet and you are done. NO RIM, no cutting and tucking, no lashing!
Colors to choose from in class.

all levels of weaving experience
cost of class  $36.00
No classes until next October
how many kits