Beginner Kits
Emma's Workbasket  $34.00
Little Virtuous Woman   $17.00
Hanging Around Basket 

Napkin Server   $24.00
Market Basket   $34.00
Heirloom Basket    $29.00
Dried Weed Basket - short or tall   $29.00
Bread Basket    $32.00
Single Serve Spoolie Basket Kit - $15.00

Double Serve Spoolie Basket kit - $19.00

the Double Serve holds 12 full spools of waxed linen and 2 on the dowel. Lash with your favorite color!

The Waste Basket  $30.00
10" dia. 12.5" high
Your choice of color.
Twined base and easy to weave. Beginner level

Antique Candy Jar   $34
Woven on a Quart caning jar with a wood base. continuous weaving, no rim to lash! A very fun weave.
Beginners Camp Basket   $18
Tobacco baskets pattern is for all sizes, kits are 10", 12", 14" 16"square

Grocery Sack Waste Basket   
Beautiful Trash
Woven on a wood base with holes in it and round reed spokes with a simple braided top. Beads included or add your own!
Dressed Up for Easter
Just right for the little one or the perfect center piece on the dinner table.
Susy Q's Knitting Basket
Woven on a    wood base this makes a very useful size basket for any room.
Half 'n Half Basket with a wood base and divider/handle.