Beginner Kits
Emma's Workbasket  $34.00
Little Virtuous Woman   $17.00
Hanging Around Basket 

Napkin Server   $24.00
Market Basket   $34.00
Heirloom Basket    $29.00
Dried Weed Basket - short or tall   $29.00
Bread Basket    $32.00
Single Serve Spoolie Basket Kit - $15.00

Double Serve Spoolie Basket kit - $19.00

the Double Serve holds 12 full spools of waxed linen and 2 on the dowel. Lash with your favorite color!

The Waste Basket  $30.00
10" dia. 12.5" high
Your choice of color.
Twined base and easy to weave. Beginner level

Antique Candy Jar   $34
Woven on a Quart caning jar with a wood base. continuous weaving, no rim to lash! A very fun weave.
Beginners Camp Basket   $18
Tobacco Basket kits:
10" sq. - $14
12" sq. - $16
14" sq. - $19
16" sq. - $22
12"x7" rect. - $14
14"x10" rect - $16

Grocery Sack Waste Basket   
Beautiful Trash
Woven on a wood base with holes in it and round reed spokes with a simple braided top. Beads included or add your own!
Dressed Up for Easter -
Just right for the little one or the perfect center piece on the dinner table.
Susy Q's Knitting Basket
Woven on a    wood base this makes a very useful size basket for any room.
Half 'n Half Basket with a wood base and divider/handle.